Available online: Value Chain & Tourism - Handbook for Development Cooperation

Today more important than ever, especially in developing and emerging countries: the promotion of regional value creation.

Those who develop and "regionalize" their value chains in a targeted manner not only ensure that local people participate in economic activities in the best possible way, but also increase the region's resilience to crises. Due to its small-scale structure and intensive linkages with neighbouring industries, tourism in particular has enormous potential for generating regional value added. Promoting this regional value creation through tourism has therefore always been an important objective of international development cooperation (DC).

On behalf of the Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Kai Partale wrote a manual "The tourism value chain - Analysis and practical approaches for development cooperation projects", which has now been published. It is primarily aimed at DC managers and offers practical assistance in promoting value-added tourism development.

The handbook offers

  • a compact introduction to the concept of the value chain and its transfer to tourism
  • a conceptual framework for the application of the value chain for the promotion of sustainable tourism development with the derivation of concrete value-added strategies
  • a practice-oriented guide to the application of the value chain with numerous tips and checklists, and
  • a presentation of possible intervention approaches for relevant problems in development cooperation.

The handbook can be downloaded from the GIZ media library https://mia.giz.de/qlink/ID=246968000.