Assessment of TVET in hotel and tourism in Mongolia

TVET in Hotel & Tourism

ULAANBAATAR. An assessment report about the current situation of technical education and vocational training in hotel and tourism and recommendations for the establishment of TVET in the sector have been prepared for the ICON-GTZ-SME Promotion Project in Ulaanbaatar.

In Mongolia, tourism has a high development priority and within the medium-term tourism strategy a strong focus is given on human resource development for the hotel and tourism service sector.

The sustainable use of natural resources, the involvement of the public and private sector, the attractiveness of the overall product and international competitiveness are the factors which will decide on further employment in the sector.

In the context of economic reform, the private sector is showing an increasing demand for skilled workers and in order to better serve the hotel and tourism businesses, the Ministry of Road, Transport and Tourism within the Government of Mongolia has called the ICON-GTZ-SME Promotion Project for assistance on a strategic planning initiative for the hotel and tourism sector in education and training.