Autonomy to the Hotel and Tourism Institute

SANA'A. The Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training along with the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation organized a workshop, funded through the Social Development Fund, to discuss the future operational concept of the National Hotel and Tourism Institute (NAHOTI). The primary purpose of this workshop has been to produce key policy recommendations concerning the independency of NAHOTI.

The institute must achieve the difficult balance between the needs of a commercial enterprise with the training hotel and that of an educational institution. Structures must be put in place to ensure that students derive benefit from both components of NAHOTI. Ongoing capacity building for all NAHOTI management and trainers will be essential for the foreseeable future and external expertise will be needed to enable NAHOTI to become an effective entity. Funding streams for NAHOTI must be determined and the commercial capability of the hotel and other revenue sources must be maximised to support the development of a successful centre of excellence.

The workshop panel has been attended by Mr. Ibrahim Hajri, Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training, Mr. Mohamed Mutaher, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Yahya Mohamed Saleh, President of the Travel and Tourism Association, Mr. Alwan Al-Shaibani, President of the Yemen Hotel Union, Mr. Kai Partale, EU Consultant, Mr. Khaled al Duais, Dean of NAHOTI and Dr. Joseph Ruddy from the Jordan Tourism Development Project.