Digital Transformation, Product Development and Innovation Project in Jordan

The Employment-Oriented MSME Promotion Project of the Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) aims to provide impulses for more regional added value by strengthening micro-, small, and medium-sized tourism enterprises in Jordan.

Within the framework of the project, which is managed by GOPA GmbH, Kai Partale takes over consulting tasks in product development and innovation.

The main scope of the project is the further professionalisation of tourism structures to support the sector and the MSMEs and the diversification of the tourism product range in line with the brand positioning of the country. The instruments and opportunities of digitisation are to be used consistently in this process.

The launch of the project takes place under the current challenges around Covid-19 and the assessment of the opportunities and risks of the global pandemic for tourism in Jordan will be an integral part of the project. The aim is to support important decisions at national level to make tourism in Jordan more sustainable and resilient, which will also lead to employment-oriented MSME promotion.