Who we are

benchmark:services consolidates specialised experts in the fields of tourism and regional development. We are a network and that is quite deliberate. We have masterminds and lateral thinkers, but no bosses and no hierarchies. Each of our network partners is a professional in his specific area and burns for his subject. We love it when our common knowledge will be composed to a solution like a puzzle. Due to our lean and flexible structures, we can tailor a high class project team at a fair price for you.

What we do

We offer consulting and support services for the tourism industry and support destinations as part of their regional development. Through our experience and flexibility, we can assist you in many ways. We research, analyse, interpret, discuss, moderate and coach, when it comes to tourism and regional development.

Especially we burn for our core areas: Crowdfunding for cities and regions, International tourism development, tourism quality and corporate shared value in tourism.

Who works with us

At benchmark:services we offer our services to companies and organisations in the tourism industry as well as local or regional authorities, in particular tourism associations and municipalities, county and state authorities, industry associations, tourist accommodations and leisure providers.

Brains & Competencies

Dr. Alexandra Partale


Alexandra founded benchmark:services in 2009. Previously, she was a Senior Consultant and Project Director for nearly 10 years at the European Tourism Institute. Her responsibilities are in the areas of destination management, quality tourism, market research and crowdfunding.


Dipl-Geogr. Kai Partale


Kai started his career at the European Tourism Institute, where he was heading amongst others the institutes' representations in China and Switzerland. He works in projects for the European Commission, United Nations and the German Development Cooperation in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. An important asset of his works is on the one hand his international network of decision-makers and their needs for services and technical advise. On the other hand, he can build on his international experience also for local tourism developments.


Dr. Martin Fontanari


Martin is in demand as a lecturer, moderator and network manager for new initiatives. His career started off with KPMG, Ernst & Young Schitag and later he was Managing Director of the European Tourism Institute. Since 2015 he is Professor of "Tourism and Event Management" at the International School of Management in Cologne.


Prof. Dr. Ralf Lanwehr

Scientific Advisor, Partner Management Consulting

Core Competencies: Management and organisation diagnosis, change of organisational culture, charismatic and authentic leadership, multivariate statistics

Dipl-Kfm. Florian Haver

Project Manager Comparative Visitors Monitor

Core competencies: Corporate communications, marketing, brands, online market research

Andreas Kühn

Project Staff Comparative Visitors Monitor

Core competencies: Market research technology, programming, online market research, quantitative market research, social media marketing

Dipl.-Geogr. Eva Groeneveld-Deussen

Partner Transportation Solutions

Core competencies: Marketing, customer-oriented business process analysis and optimization, intermodal transport, airports, tour operators, airlines, railways, public transport

Alka Celic

Project staff place2help / Agency CSR Ce

Core Competencies: CSR and PR consultancy, networking, support for local partners, social media marketing.