With Crowdfunding out of the crisis!

Subsidised consultancy in Germany for tourism enterprises in the Corona crisis

The Corona crisis has hit our industry with great force. Accommodation and catering businesses as well as cultural and leisure providers are fighting for survival. According to the Hotel and Restaurant Association, one third of the industry is threatened by insolvency. In addition to the state aid programmes, crowdfunding can be a way of counteracting financial bottlenecks - on a basis of solidarity - and safeguarding livelihoods without having to repay loans later. In cooperation with the Crowdfunding Campus, the only certified educational institution in Germany on the subject of crowdfunding, we offer support and advice in Germany subsidised by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.


Current information: The previous one hundred percent funding has unfortunately been stopped. Further information on the current funding guidelines can be found here.


Opportunities from Crowdfunding

An increasing number of affected people are already using crowdfunding and successful examples show that sums of up to €50,000 can be generated. Properly implemented, however, crowdfunding is not only an exciting financing option, but also functions as a market test, communication and sales tool. It can make an acute contribution to the stabilisation of your company and provide impetus for future growth.


Now is a good time!

The framework conditions for crowdfunding have never been more favourable, especially if you have a community that appreciates your offer and wants to keep it.

Because: the big crowdfunding platforms have lowered the hurdles to start a campaign and offer interesting possibilities for co-financing. In addition, people are currently showing broad-based solidarity with their "favourite places" such as hotels, cafés, restaurants, sports or cultural facilities.


Take advantage of our expertise to tap the potential of crowdfunding for your business!

In cooperation with the Crowdfunding-Campus, we offer you advice on basic questions of crowdfunding and provide intensive support in the planning and conception of the campaign. Our aim is to reduce your expenditure and to fully exploit the possibilities of crowdfunding. With our support and crowdfunding, your business should stabilise in the long term and, at best, grow again.


Are you interested in subsidised consulting service?

Our free initial consultation will tell you whether you are eligible to apply and whether crowdfunding is the right way for you. Make an appointment with us and we will advise you transparently and fairly.


Additional support of place2help Rhein-Main

If your company is located in the Rhine-Main area, our place2help Rhine-Main initiative supports you additionally and free of charge through visibility in the region, networking and co-financing from the regional fund.

Further information: www.place2help.org/rhein-main/vernetze-dein-projekt

Our partner Crowdfunding-Campus

We are very pleased about our cooperation with the Crowdfunding Campus. It is the only certified educational institution in Germany for crowdfunding. Its lecturers and consultants have accompanied more than 1,500 active crowdfunding campaigns over the past ten years and can handle small and large projects. They offer specialist expertise in all areas of crowdfunding, from marketing to tax issues.

Are you interested? Then feel free to contact us.

Person of contact

Dr. Alexandra Partale
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