A future tourism development concept in 5 days!

Tourist planning processes are often lengthy and expensive. This does not need not to be. The best concepts arise if the strategies are being developed as part of a concentrated and professionally accompanied process together with the tourism stakeholders.


The future workshop is an effective method for tourism development strategies that focuses the planning process on the key points and quickly delivers tailored results.

Very important: the future!

Knowledge of current trends and developments, to throw old patterns overboard and being open to new ones are important success factors of the future workshop.

Our hands-on method

The focus of our services is to transfer knowledge and a structured mapping of tasks and problem situations - to incorporate both "output oriented" into a solution or project development process.

Using the structured facilitation methodology this succeeds even in larger projects or management teams with up to 12 people. This ensures the pooling of available knowledge of different areas, offers a necessary project transparency, avoids misunderstandings between departments or hierarchical levels, and enables working together in one direction.

The mutual learning effect will be even more increased by allowing application-related discussions, case studies with analyses and reflections as well as feedback mechanisms which allow for sustained learning and understanding ("knowledge enhancement").

How the Future Workshop works

During the future workshop, units alternate with lectures, discussions and targeted work phases with documentation phases in which the workshop results will be compiled and summerised.

Through feedback of stakeholders, the results are reflected and strengthened and results become immediately visible.

Output: A concise and comprehensive strategy development concept.

Person of contact

Dipl.-Geogr. Kai Partale
Information via e-mail