European Tourism Institute at the Academia Engiadina

Co-operation of ETI Trier and Academia Engiadina

SAMEDAN / TRIER. The European Tourism Institute (ETI) at the Academia Engiadina in Samedan/Switzerland is a co-operation of the European Tourism Institute in Trier and the Academia Engiadina in Samedan.

It contains the divisions - tourism and environment. The tourism division offers tourism consultation and research for national and international customers. The environment division is a local research centre for the consequences of climatic change in high mountain areas.

With the new partnership two significant fields for the tourism consultation in national and international markets find together. The German institute brings in its international expertise in market and consumer research as well as organisational development and process monitoring. The Academia Engiadina contributes its knowledge of landscape and tourism, environmental planning, permafrost research and geographical data processing.

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