Opening of the Hotel and Tourism Institute

SANA'A. Under the patronage of the President Ali Abdullah Saleh, the official opening of the National Hotel and Tourism Institute (NAHOTI) took place on the 16th of September 2006 in the institute, hosting around 250 participants from the public and private sector, international agencies and involved stakeholders that contributed to the SPAVT (Strengthening Priority Areas of Vocational Training)-project.

The SPAVT-project intends to strengthen the institutional capacity of Yemen's vocational training system through the construction of a new training institute for hotel and tourism studies and an application hotel including the introduction of demand driven education.

In speeches held by the Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training, Dr. Ali Mansor Ben Safa'a, the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Nabil Al Fakih, the President of the Travel & Tourism Association, Mr. Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh and the Representative of the EC-Delegation Amman, Mr. Michel Laloge, all honoured the success of the SPAVT-project with the establishment of this for Yemen important education and training facility.

More than 350 students applied for studying in the institute, from which nearly 200 were interviewed, and by the beginning of November 2006, NAHOTI opens its doors for 120 well selected female and male students that will start a two year academic school career.

The tourism sector has the potential to make an increasing contribution to the social and economic development in Yemen in the years ahead. To support the growth of a successful tourism industry, a continuous supply of skilled employees is required. The establishment of NAHOTI will help to provide competent, entry level employees to take up positions in the hospitality and tourism businesses.