Repositioning of Yemen Tourism

Strategic Tourism Marketing Plan

SANA'A. In order to better serve the customers of the tourism sector in Yemen and improve the strategic destination marketing planning, the Ministry of Tourism and the Yemen Tourism Promotion Board (YTPB) have started a new strategic planning initiative. This initiative will play a central role in Yemen's promotion course in terms of tourism marketing effectiveness and efficiency in the months and years to come.

Before the YTPB allocates its financial resources and manpower, it must first understand the needs and desires of the customers and its tourism stakeholders so that it can better support the tourism initiatives and stimulate tourism growth. The new pragmatic strategic approach is taking into account the tourism situation in Yemen, also reflecting measures for risk management, and the emerging trends in the international tourism markets.

Based on the various analyses, major tourism themes which are most likely to provide Yemen with a Unique Selling Proposition and position it among the European, Asian or Arab destinations, will be defined. According to market-oriented priorities, measures for implementation will be formulated for the most promising tourism projects and marketing activities.