Preserving Aqaba's Underwater Treasures: The Green Fins programme launches

Aqaba, a jewel on the Red Sea coast, has taken a major step towards sustainability with the launch of the Green Fins programme. The initiative, launched by the United Nations Environment Programme and the Reef World Foundation, is a testament to the commitment to protecting natural resources and promoting sustainable tourism.

By partnering with the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) and the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) project "Employment-Oriented MSME Promotion" with the support of GOPA Consultants on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Green Fins programme in Jordan aims to empower local enterprises in the diving and snorkelling industry to adopt eco-friendly practices and protect the region's marine ecosystems.

As the tourism industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, so do the potential environmental impacts. Recognizing this challenge, the Green Fins programme offers an innovative approach to minimising harm. By closely collaborating with the diving and snorkelling industry, Green Fins empower dive centres and operators to embrace environmentally friendly practices while simultaneously educating and engaging tourists in responsible marine stewardship.

Aqaba's mesmerizing coral reefs and vibrant marine life are among its most precious assets. The Green Fins programme in Aqaba focuses on promoting sustainable diving and snorkelling practices to ensure the long-term preservation of these delicate ecosystems. Through an accreditation system that promotes best environmental practices, participating dive centres and snorkelling operators undergo assessments, receive training, and implement measures to reduce their environmental footprints.

To guarantee the success of the Green Fins programme, ASEZA has started training assessors in Aqaba in cooperation with the GIZ MSME Promotion Project. By enhancing the skills and knowledge of assessors, Aqaba can ensure that the Green Fins accreditation system remains robust and effective in the long run.

The launch of the Green Fins programme in Aqaba marks a significant milestone in Jordan's journey towards sustainable tourism. By prioritizing the protection of its natural resources, Aqaba showcases the positive impact that collaboration between government bodies, international organizations, and local businesses can have on preserving our planet's most valuable treasures.

See how Aqaba promotes sustainability with the Green Fins programme.