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Taking advantage of the potentials of crowdfunding for your location

Potentials: Crowdfunding for a better quality of life

Crowdfunding means that projects from the "crowd", so from many people, are financed via the internet. So far crowdfunding was especially as an innovative financial instrument for creative projects and young start-ups. But especially in the regional context crowdfunding can contribute to sustainable solutions.

Why? Because the virtual anonymity can be broken by the proximity of the crowd. And because the desire for better quality of life in people’s own environment connects them and organisations in a region.

Crowdfunding offers a tool to concentrate local forces for a common goal, which is to allow a good life for all.

If used properly, crowdfunding is therefore not only a way to finance projects, but also provides a momentum for more innovation, responsibility and quality of life.

Pilot project place2help RhineMain

Supported by a cross-sector partner network, we launched the place2help RhineMain social enterprise initiative to tap the potential of crowdfunding for the FrankfurtRhineMain metropolitan region. This was based on a holistic model for regional crowdfunding.


"Place2help for me is a showcase for regional crowdfunding and an instrument for sustainable regional development."

Fritz Lietsch, Altop Verlag, Publishling Founder & Editor in Chief

The idea and actors of place2help RhineMain                    

Our coaching offer

You want to learn the basics and develop an idea on how to tap the potential of crowdfunding for your location.

Then our coaching offer is just what you need. We will sit together intensively, share our experiences and our knowledge and assist you in developing your individual crowdfunding solution.

Coaching is structured and consists of several short input presentations and a results-oriented exchange. At the end you have a concrete idea of what to do in order to tap the potential of crowdfunding for your area.

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