Crowdfunding Workshop

Inspiration and roadmap for founders, creatives and committed people

As a tourism organisation or business development agency, do you want to support founders, creatives and committed people in realising an innovative idea? Do you want to help businesses, locations and initiatives affected by the Corona crisis to get back on their feet?

Then crowdfunding could be the right tool for you.

"Crowdfunding" refers to a new way of financing projects that can be used either as an alternative or in addition to public funding, banks or foundations. With crowdfunding, many people jointly finance a project. In principle, this is nothing new. However, the collective financing of projects has taken on a new dimension due to the digital transformation.
Properly implemented, crowdfunding is not only an exciting way of financing, but also acts as a market test, communication and distribution tool for new ideas. Acutely, it can contribute to securing livelihoods and provide impetus for future growth.

A workshop with our crowdfunding specialist Dr Alexandra Partale offers you a tool to tap into the potential of crowdfunding for your founders, creatives and committed people.

"Thank you for the very successful practical workshop Crowdfunding for the Sharing Economy! Dr. Alexandra Partale has very clearly brought a structure to the topic that can serve the participants as a guide for their crowdfunding campaigns. The many practical examples illustrated the topic very well." Dr Margarete Kessler, Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH

Our Offer

In the crowdfunding workshop, we share our knowledge from 40 successfully managed projects with those interested in crowdfunding in their region. We show the opportunities, teach the basics and give feedback. Interactively, we work the way through the campaign planning process from developing the idea to designing media, planning communication measures and following up on the campaign. The aim is to inspire the target group and enable them to fully exploit the potential of a crowdfunding campaign.

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Dr. Alexandra Partale
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