A Future Tourism Development Concept in 5 Days!

How extensive does a tourism strategy actually have to be and what information is actually needed? In short: less is more! The world of tourism planning is becoming more and more complex - so focusing on core tasks and being highly implementation-oriented is the key to success for tourism organisations!

In concrete terms, this means: filling less paper, no endless analyses and abandoning the usual platitudes.

Instead: High participation of stakeholders, concentrated use of resources, concrete factual work, clear implementation planning and promotion of active networks!

That is the concept of the Future Workshop!

The Future Workshop is an effective method that concentrates the tourism planning process from analysis to objectives and strategy development to project and action planning on the core issues and delivers agreed results in the shortest possible time.

The objectives are to

- sensitise the participants to future market needs
- exchange views and achieve consensual results,
- identify future markets and target groups,
- identify, evaluate and select measures and projects and - last but not least,
- mobilise stakeholders for the implementation of common goals.

Our Approach

In order to achieve the highest possible level of participation, the Future Workshop consists of workshop units with expert presentations, discussions and goal-oriented work phases, as well as documentation phases in which the workshop results are processed and followed up.

Through constant feedback with the participants, the results are reflected and consolidated; results are immediately visible. In parallel, the results are put into a strategic concept paper.

The result is a tourism concept with a consensus of participants, a summary of the initial situation and current trends, goals and strategies as well as concrete measures.

Person of contact

Dipl.-Geogr. Kai Partale
Information via e-mail