Shaping tourism in international markets

benchmark:services assists international companies, development agencies and tourism organizations in strategic planning and operational implementation of tourism projects as well as in the development of destination management organisations that are effective in the long term. Our main objective is always to add value to projects and realize them in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Searching for profitable, pragmatic and sustainable solutions for our clients is an important principle in our daily work.

Professionalisation of Destination Management Organisations

Tourism markets are in constant motion. Especially in the internationally destinations are sometimes facing extreme fluctuations in demand. The reasons vary, ranging from market entry, direct competition with destinations on changes in political conditions, environmental disasters to currency fluctuations. In contrast, there are sometimes enormous potential and opportunities to make tourism markets accessible and secure them.

The outlined challenges can be tackled successfully only with professional destination management organizations that use modern tools to develop and market the destination. Using the core concept of a "future-oriented Destination Management" benchmark:services develops applied concepts and supports destinations in the implementation of modern sales and marketing systems.

Promotion of sustainable tourism investment

The goals of sustainable regional development through tourism and the goals of private investors in most cases do not match. For some it's about strengthening the regional economy and improve the quality of life, for others it is - generally - simply the return on investment. Resolving this contradiction and planning in many places the much-needed investments profitable for all parties is an important but difficult task for development agencies.

benchmark:services supports international destination in attracting investors for sustainable tourism projects - through the evaluation of investment projects in terms of sustainability, through the design of projects that harmonize with the regional tourism strategy, feasibility and economic considerations, through the planning and implementation of investor communication.

Fighting poverty through tourism

For many developing countries tourism is an important sector of hope, prosperity and social security. Properly planned and implemented, it can make an important contribution to strengthening the local community, to promote environmental protection and conservation of cultural heritage.

benchmark:services sees tourism, therefore, as a tool for sustainable regional development, to improve the quality of life of local people. Sustainability is against this background, the guiding principle of our international tourism work - from initial analysis through strategy development to action planning and implementation.

Develop and strengthen resources and networks

A long-term sustainable tourism development is only possible if the people are enabled to create the tourist development actively and independently - if sustainable tourist structures and competences are being developed.

Focal points of our international projects are therefore the planning, design and implementation of tourism education programs and the establishment of the long-term establishment and networking of tourism organizations.